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You may detect a note of sarcasm in my tone. Forgive me, it comes from the deep pain I feel over my not being able to help turn more kids away from this suicidal path.

I will try to explain and logic behind my beliefs.

Five years ago I was asked out to New Hampshire to speak about my book, “Don't get on the plane, why a sex change will ruin your life.” When I got out to there, I was blown away by the large numbers of parents who had gender confused kids. In just one meeting I spoke at, there were over 30 parents who approached me afterward about their gender confused kids. and I, knowing statistically how rare transsexuality is, was in shock.

Because historically gays only account for about 1% of the population. and transsexual individuals were an even smaller fraction within that number. By all accounts, before 2005, the rate of gender confusion was 0.03 percent of the overall gay population. I spent five days in New Hampshire, and met over 60 families with gender kids. What's more important is the fact that this was not in a gay rich community like West Hollywood, the Village, or San Francisco's Castro district.... it was in Manchester, New Hampshire for goodness sake.

Something was clearly wrong, something was clearly out of whack in this small rural state. But the more time I spent dealing with these families and their kids, the more i learned that it wasn't just a New England thing, but i soon learned it was a western society thing. all of the western culture is going through this.

And now, five years later, we see every school, every grade, and every college accepting and accommodating gender kids. and with those changes, over a hundred gender clinics have opened up to perform surgeries for these kids.

It quickly became clear that this gender crazy was actually an ocean tsunami that I could not effect the outcome of. it was too big a thing, too deeply rooted in society and too well financed.

Let me get to the point so you can go back to playing gems on your phone.

This current trend of gender confusion is not biological or genetic in nature. It is the result of some external extreme social influence, the introduction of personal computing, and some internal family dynamics influence.

The mass shootings that young people now commit are a sign of this family failure, the 107,000 drug overdose deaths last year in the USA are a sign of it. The breakdown of the family and society is seen in the rampant crime spree that is going on across all western countries. So you see that gender dysphoria is just one aspect of the breakdown of our world.

Here's what happened. with the rise of fanatical gay ideology over the last twenty years, ( which by the way is being pushed by very wealthy gay backers) more and more gay related information started intentionally being saturated in the media, on tv, in films and advertising. then with  the invention of smart phones, and social media boards, this lgbtq2+ ideology saturated all information your children was exposed to.

Add into this, an entire generation of school teachers whose backgrounds were hard-core, third wave feminism. These were the teachers who twenty years ago, said that masculinity was toxic, and boys horsing around in class was wrong. They dreamed up an entirely new mental condition of attention deficit disorder. and they began drugging your white-boy children and telling them to not be boys in, or out of class. Now, an entire generation of boys has grown up believing that being a man is bad, and they now wear their hair in buns and pluck their eye brows trying to be less male.

As for the girls, they were told over and over that they were as strong as men, as competent as men, and could do everything a man could do. and guess what? As soon as this generation of young women began bleeding, and growing breasts, and when they hit the hard wall of puberty reality, hated their bodies for not being more male-like.

Lastly there is the delivery tool. the smart phone. If you are a parent with a gender confused kid, you actually went out and paid several hundred dollars to supply your kids with their gender confusion. Smart phones with their internet access, allows your kids to stay connected 100% of the time to their fantasy world of gender happiness. You parents did this, and have received the joy of detaching your children from society, and human interactions. You did this, by leaving your child's upbringing to a technology that you never vetting nor monitored.

You did this.

And along with their smart phones, they were introduced to porn day and night at a very early age. So much so, that they became sexualized long before their young minds were able to put sexuality into any context. And since everyone their age was talking about sex and sex was everywhere in their young lives, "what's the big issue with being sexual"?


And there is the fact that as parents you took your 13 year old daughters to get birth control, with your liberal "well they are going to do it whether or not i approve" attitude. Your kids became sexual before their minds could deal with the ramifications of it.

The current push for gender surgeries is nothing different from what young girls went through in 1962 when the Beatles fad hit the UK and America. There was total information and media overload, and peer pressure. The only difference is that at some time a young girl would outgrow their taste in music and start buying different records. but unfortunately now the gender confused person is left sterile, and lifelong medical patient.

When you see your child's gender confusion from this five thousand foot level, you realize that it you contributed to their lack of normal socialization.

One Indian father of a gender confused son recently told me that he cursed the day he came to America.