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So I have devised a little test that I give people who claim to be trapped in the wrong body.

It is a simple test based on my own understanding of how males and female minds work differently.

And while the results of this test are nearly always 100% of the time contested by the gender confused person who takes it, I believe it proves my belief that their belief of being trapped in the wrong body is 100% wrong. 

For biological females who believe they are men trapped in the wrong body answer these questions. 

Pick one of the two options and explain your choice.

  1. 300ci I6 or 350
  2. 223 or 762X39
  3. Rice cooker or Mopar
  4. Punk or Long Hair
  5. Sherman or Panzer
  6. AR or AK
  7. Cold play or the Black Keys
  8. Adventurer or fashion model

For biological boys who believe they are women trapped in the wrong body answer these questions.

Pick one of the two options and explain your choice

  1. Going to a dance or driving around
  2. Khloe or Kindall
  3. Katy or Antebellum 
  4. Lancom or Tom Ford
  5. Hanging with six friends or with one good friend playing FPS
  6. Raising children or office manager
  7. Oral or IUD
  8. Tampex or Kotex

You'll notice a few of these questions could be answered by either sex. But for the most part, women will not be able to answer most of these questions due to the fact that while growing up, their biological female brains were never interested in the difference between a Japanese car, or a traditional American muscle car. Or in the difference between World War Two type of  tanks. But biological males will, as boys are naturally interested in such things. (with the sad exception of Dylan Mulvaney) 

And while the last two questions in the boy's questions depend upon having a female anatomy during puberty, the shared experience of females does effect their mental makeup and how they live their lives. 

The point I'm trying to make in all this is that boys are boys because their brains are hardwired differently from females. And the seven thousand anatomic differences in brains make boys a different animal, with different interests and desires than biological females. 

The current social contagion around gender confusion that has sprung up in the last ten years hasn't changed the DNA structure of the human brain. It has only made the individual who is confused around their body image and social interactions more likely to end up surgically mutilated by teachers and doctors who believe in affirming their gender confusion.