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I was considered a good person once. I helped people when I could, and held the hands of those I couldn't while they went through the darkness of their lives. As I grew older and fortunately wiser in life, I realized that I, my friends and doctors who had once supported me on my journey through gender had all made a mistake. And rather than doing what most old people do late in life and ignoring my own follies, I dove head first into figuring out where we had gone wrong.  

The answer came to me in a Singapore hotel room late one night when I realized that all of my basic beliefs and understandings about gender confusion where wrong. In a flash, I realized that humans are animals. And as such have programmed into each of us, a natural drive for our species to exist and live on. Like viruses, our main reason for living is to keep creating our own species. Males are by design driven to mate with females, and vice versa. And any variance to this primal code is against the very fundamental nature of the Universe. Homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, and thusly even cross gender identification are not in keeping with how nature actually operates. Looking at gender confusion in this light shows how ridiculous my own past beliefs around Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) were. I then began questioning the century old medical treatments for this condition, and began researching the long term outcomes of people like myself that had SRS. The majority of transgender individuals who commit suicide are people who were five and ten years post op. Which was really the nail in the coffin that destroyed any faith in the medical treatments I may have had at that point. 

If you read my book, 56 Sanchez, which is about my life, you will read that when I would come out as trans to a potential love interest, I was often attacked, and even raped by the person. We are by our very nature designed to seek out and mate with healthy, productive members of the opposite sex. And when this drive is challenged it creates an angry, violent response in both men and women. A person's need to mate is driven by their DNA, and is the prime mover in all of our lives. But when I first came out, I called those who rejected my gender status, bigots and haters, not understanding that it was I who was going species has this happened. 

So with this fundamental understand of our biology, I took a fresh look at my own gender feelings and beliefs. And when we hold the current medical practice of affirmation of gender confusion and surgical mutilation of sex organs, we see there is no other comparison to it in the natural world. Nor is there any other area of medicine that does this. All medicine for the last three thousand years attempts to restore the individual to their original and natural state. If all of medicine were to follow the insane practices of SRS doctors, then if you went into a doctor with one broken leg, they would "affirm" your new broken status and make certain your leg healed with the break in it. This is absurd that gender confusion is the sole exception in medicine to healing what is broken. 


So the practice of giving sex changes to people who are unhappy with their bodies and social roles can not possibly be the right way to go for us. 

Not only does my own personal experience over the last fifty years prove this out. But the personal experience of my dozens of friends who have undergone sex changes proves this out. Living in the opposite role of our birth sex proves to be deleterious to the individual throughout their lives. Personal, intimate relationships can't exist for the sex changed person,  as they are contrary to human nature. Having a sex change turns the poor, isolated gender confused person into a social pariah whereby the gender confused individual can never return. And as we see now throughout the western societies, detransitioners are left sexless Eunuchs, their bodies disfigured, and entire endocrine systems destroyed by the puberty blockers and false hormones they are injected with by their supportive doctors. And by doing so, we have forever isolated themselves from human society that we were once part of, due to these intentional mutilations.

My book, DON'T GET ON THE PLANE, goes into the history of the doctors who dreamed up this butchery. And many readers question why I focus on this. I did so, to show that our current 2023 practice of cutting off organs and filling their bodies with foreign chemicals was designed in the 1920s by medical men of no real medical education or accomplishment. Kinsey, Benjamine and Herschfeld were morally compromised by their own sick sexualities. And the idea of the brain having within it a "gender" was put forth by in 1973 by Stoller. (he ultimately used sex changes on people as nothing more than a means to dissect and explore human sexual identity for his books.) Ultimately, the entire practice of giving gender confused people drugs and surgeries is nothing more than a medical experiment equal to what the NAZI Third Reich did to war prisoners in their concentration camps. 

So here in my old age I am bitter. Bitter that no one is listening to me. And that I stand nearly alone in the darkness of 2023, yelling at the sky, and praying that a merciful God will take pity on these poor confused kids and save them from ruining their lives. 

My books, 56 SANCHEZ, and DON'T GET ON THE PLANE are available on Amazon. Rene Jax