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Every person makes decisions that they may one day regret. It's part and parcel of what living life is about. I suspect there has never been a human being that lived, that didn't hold at least one regret about past decisions on the day they died. It is only natural to look back at the outcomes of our past decisions and wish we had gone to a different school, bought a different house, or married Sally instead of Virginia. We don't know how things will ultimately work out, when we make a fateful decision to turn left, instead of right.  

But if you go through with your sex change, it will be the biggest mistake of you life. A mistake that you can never recover from. The moment you first inject yourself with T, or begin puberty blockers, you doom yourself to becoming a life long medical patient. You become nothing more than a lab rat for the pharmaceutical companies. 

It is important for all gender confused people to understand that our feelings about our bodies, does not change the biological reality of who we are. What I mean by this is that when you wake up one morning and "feel" that your life is a mess, and there is no hope for you...that these are feelings, our emotional feelings are the sum total of hormones, illness, brain chemistry combined with how we have been taught to react to certain situational conditions. Science has only recently begun to understand the many and complex ways our body reacts and responds to the world. One of these truths is that a illness, even illnesses of mild effect and duration, will make the brain dump serotonin from the brain, which is proven to be the drug that makes us feel happy and upbeat. That is why after an illness, people generally feel sad, tired and "down" about things. 

Feelings are not actual reality, though at times they feel that way. 

So when it comes to a person feeling they are trapped in the wrong body, does not mean their mind is somehow trapped in a wrong sex body. Feelings change from moment to moment, day to day, year to year. And as we see now, there are thousands of young people who once felt they were trapped in the wrong body, detransitioning back to their original sex, once their feelings about life and sex roles changed with new real world experiences. 

Perhaps a better way to demonstrate this is to talk about LOVE for a moment. Have you ever thought that a person you were in love with was, "THE ONE" ? Have you ever been so in love and certain that the person you loved was your soul mate? Or for those of you that got married, did you at the beginning actually believe that you wanted to live the rest of your life with that other person. 

And then the relationship ended! You were devastated and heartbroken. 

The same chemical reaction that we call love, is the same chemical reaction that people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body. Our emotional reactions and beliefs are chemical reactions to stimulus. And as we live out our days, our mind changes from different external and internal stimulus. 

One day you're in love, the next week, you're not. One day you think the Kardashians are the coolest, the next you don't. One day you think Ariana Grande is the best female singer of all time, next day you don't. One day you think your a boy trapped in a woman's body, the next, you don't. They are all the same electrical-chemical reactions based on your thinking. Many of my friends who are in their 50s and 60s can't even remember what singer they liked when they were young. This is a result of their brain overwriting synapsis with new information and memories. 

Our emotions are actually not a safe or effective way to make life altering decisions with.